Akira Shimizu - Blacklight

In the summer of 1962, he was captivated by "Black light" which appeared in the industrial scene at that time. Living in the upstairs of a subcontract factory of an electronic company, where he worked right after the graduation of college, he made ƒMotorcycle's Black light„, which is thought to be one of forerunners of gPsychedelic Arth.

Phosphorescence paints were scattered on the motorcycle, and when the black light (ultraviolet rays) was irradiated, the motorcycle emitted richly-colored light, and was transfigured. He exhibited ƒBlack light„ installation from 1962 to 1966 consecutively. In most of the ƒBlack light„ attempts in those days, phosphorescence paints were scattered on "wastes". Then fluorescent light, which does not make them emit, and the black light were irradiated alternately with the timer.

In this work, he does not see wastes as waste, attempts to make them totally different things - shiny spectacle. He sees fluorescent light as consciousness of awaking and the black light as "another state of consciousness" that works to our sleep. Wastes are wastes when they are seen in our consciousness, but seen in sub-consciousness they are transformed to scenery like richly-colored Ocean.

Black Light

Waste materials, phosphorescence paints, ultraviolet rays, fluorescent light

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