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Need Help Investigation or With Procedures in Japan?

Onomichi Investigation and Associates was established in Tokyo, Japan by Tetsuya Miyamoto in April of 1995. Director Miyamoto is also a registered Administrative Solicitor (license #95082408) and specializes in investigation and administrative procedure services.

What's New?

Onomichi Investigation and Associates (OIA) has been assisting clients locating long-lost-family member and legal heirs in Japan.

Private Investigation in Japan

The Act on Regulation of Private Detective Services has enacted since June 1 2007. OIA registration number is 30090233. The law regulates private investigation involving field work for surveillance and person locate.

What is Administrative Solicitor?

Administrative Solicitor (aka; Gyoseishoshi Lawyer/Administrative Scrivner, licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) is a legal profession (National License). Administrative Solicitor can do:
1) Assisting clients on administrative procedures
2) Preparing documents
3) Advising legal matter above etc.

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