• History of HMLAB and Relationship with gThe study group of the Technology on the deep senseh

  • Japan has been searched for the seeds of the 21 centuryes Japanese way of the science-engineering way, as the utilization of the balance of FILP. The Sci. and Technology Basic Law was enacted. Based on the law, The Research Center for Science Systems (JSPS) set the program for the promotion of scientific research with a view to creating intellectual resources. One of the program is
     Extra High Quality Audio-Visual System for Creation of Future A-V Works and Two-Way Presence Communication  (JSPS-RFTE 97P00601, 1997-2001) directed by Professor Makoto Miyahara, which aim was to seek seeds of Japanese living way about fusion of Engineering and arts. The program was accomplished by the co-operation of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and Tokyo University of the Arts. The results was evaluated very high as gDeep impression is possible to transmit by electric Audio-Visualh, and reported by NHK News .

    In order to return the profit to society and for the further developments, High Quality Media Laboratory (HMLAB) was founded on the idea plan: gfoundation of venture company starting from Universityh.
    From 2003, gThe study group of the Technology on the deep senseh has been held connected with ITE (The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineering), and JSKE(Japan Society of Kansei Engineering), HMLab.(Human Media laboratory-Chuo Univ. and SASS (Society for the Social Sciences).)
    Nowadays, We are working with JSKE, HMlab. described above and The society for Art and Science in Japan.
     Monthly study is held at HM LAB on the fourth Sunday 14:00-. We are now focusing on gThe New Sound Reproduction Theoryh.
    We are taking a look at the high resolution image display of g4K, 8Kh.
    Please contact us; Tel/FAX : 080-7992-0505, EmailF hmlabgm@gmail.com

  • HMLAB overview

    • HMLAB Co., Ltd.
    • Establishment: 2004, 6.
    • Manager: Lumiko Miyahara, Chief engineer: Makoto Miyahara
    • Company profile: Developments, manufacture and sales of High quality Audio-Visual Media Apparatus. Find and transfer high definition contents. Consulting of software to fit the project purpose of any company.
    • Address: 1-5-28-402 Hiro-machi, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, JAPAN
    • Tel/Fax : 080-7992-0505
    • EmailF hmlabgm@gmail.com
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